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Writer's Block: Singles Awareness Day

Do you love or hate Valentine’s Day?

#!*$!@# Valentine’s Day

Relationships. They can keep them

I have my books and my cat

I’m happy flying solo

QQ into my B & J’s Red Velvet

Then treat myself to Olive Garden

Salad and breadsticks are limitless

Later play a game of WoW

And dance with a Night Elf :D

Yeah, I’m happy flying solo

Don’t like to answer to anyone

Do what I want when I want

You don’t hear me bleating on

Tauren-sized box of chocolates

For us single people on this day

Ohmy. Funfun. To be honest

I couldn’t have it any other way!


Writer's Block: Got the Munchies

What is your favorite late-night snack?

"Made for you"

Wait, wait, wait…what?

I order my burgers only ketchup

My girlfriend’s sandwich is fine…and mine?

It came back with some kind of gooey cheese all over it

And some kind of sauce…it’s all wrong!

I should have requested a dine-in order

And inspected it at the counter

Please just get my grill order right

BNT and medium fries

How hard is it to not put things on a burger?

And put together my special order

As for my Hot Fudge Sundae…

i’m lovin’ it… Anyway!

In Blue Backgrounds, Noble Bandit takes us on a personal and highly entertaining journey.  Using her trademark humor, she explores self-empowerment ("Ninja'd"), a dislike for certain food ("Pickled Onions Make Me Vomit"), a fear of failure ("I Exist Somehow"), sleep deprivation ("Hella Irrational") and much more.  These poems create a sense of the poets own times with an element of memoir mixed in.  


Writer's Block: So much for counting sheep

What do you like to do when you can't get to sleep?

"White Noise"

I stare into the blackness of my room

Thinking of yaoi plots

Images and scenes

I was drawn in

Variations of fairy tales

On the weird, fantastic, mystical scale

Drain out any noise

…and at once in a dream



Wandering out at night, staying in the well-lit places

Always come back alive

And unharmed

Makes me feel all mellow and calm

Maybe I should go to bed. It’s almost midnight

Turn on the TV, mute the sound

Stared at the wall ’till I drifted off

During the night dormant



I woke up. Dream disappears

Walk around. Lay back down

The night is quiet and well

I put on my iPod and listen

On shuffle, down low

Singing along

With every song

I memorized on my playlist

Did not notice myself

Slowly, slowly being

Pulled into a dream

Just go missing

On a soft pillow

If you had to go an entire week without TV, music, or your mobile phone, which would you choose, and why?

 - I would keep just my phone -


 "Save me from Tomorrow"

It serves as my alarm clock

It gives me the morning news

It reminds me of important tasks

Transfer money, paying bills

It’s easier than carrying a ton of stuff

Like a calendar or music player

I use my smartphone for nearly everything

For work and for leisure

Yes, it’s good for sheer convenience

Text messaging/email on the go

It’s nice to be able to browse the net

Speak to people when I’ve nothing to do

From my phone I can talk to you

On msn or aim

Often on my Samsung Star

I prefer just playing games

Picked a really cool ring tone

A 16- bit rendition

Battle Theme from FFVII

Taken from Newgrounds FF7

Once it died in my hand

Would not switch on, charge up, nothing

Three days no videos or Facebook

No alarm clock for mornings

Couldn’t contact anyone

Everyone’s number was in my phone

Could not keep in touch with family

When I was not home

Living in today’s society

A phone means everything to me

A source of entertainment

My schedule for the day

Hours and hours of phone calls

Thousands of messages a month

I think it’s better to call someone

Than to talk on msn

I have all my songs in it

Listen to music whenever I want

To stay connected, or mainly

Access to Facebook

The cell phone is a basic pillar

Of modern life

There’s just soooo much you can put on it

Now to pass the time

It’s become like a friend

It’s so convenient and awesome

Google satellite maps

Is cool when you’re just walkin’

Taking pictures of weird things

That interest me

Apps that allow you to download books

Such a useful thing

I use all the features

More than the phone itself

Without a cell (I can’t imagine)

Life can be pretty dull

Texting is cool when

I don’t feel like being social

Listening to music, playing games

(All I’m doing on my mobile)

Almost makes us dumber

liktxtin u no?

Useless calls annoy me

Fortunately, I don’t get those anymore


Writer's Block: Cheese doodle?

When you doodle, what shapes, patterns and/or creatures do you find yourself drawing?  What do you think it says about you?

"Math Class"

Oak tree with an owl hole and stars

Halfway listening, halfway daydreaming

Drawing hearts

Eyes swirling, roses, circles and birds

Always thick because I go over and over…


And Pokemon, especially Gengar

Mutant flowers that bite off your finger

Stars, eyes and butterflies

Hedgehogs with lines for eyes

Cows, horses and baboons

Rainbows and unicorns

Sometimes landscapes with trees and mountains

With ice at the peak

Or a big crescent wave, an island

And a single palm tree

FACES FACES FACES, silhouette of people

Pointy shapes like triangles, chaotic scribbles

Chibis, pretty soldier Sailor Moon

Or an Eiserne Jungfrau made from iron

Straight lines, squiggles and curvy shapes


From the corner of my page









Do you plan to dress up this year?  If so, who or what do you plan to be?

- a sparkly vampire!



The dark. Just a bit of uneasiness

Or amnesia: the darkest decent

Old wooden puppets, disfigured dolls

Sends chills up my neck

Twins. They give me flashbacks

Remember “The Shining?”

Or anything charging at me

Without discernment or reason

Haunted houses are disturbing

Non-living objects come alive

Calliope music in the background

*shudders* Seriously terrified!

Death. Reminded of the cetainty

It will come one day

I also fear not dying

In a prolonged sorta way

The Leopard Seal from Pingu

Puppets with parts that don’t belong

Fading in from black

The future…the unknown…

Space. It truly scares me

How small I really am

Prison. Oh, that keeps me up at night

Make sure it won’t happen

About to turn a corner

I see a dark shadow

Hearing noises that have no source

A classic Screamer photo

Face huggers from “Aliens”

Slimers from Duke Nukem 3D

Or stop motion skeletons

Deep water, middle of the ocean deep

The light of my monitor

I fear fear itself

Doesn’t help that I’m a scaredy cat

An excellent freak-out!



Writer's Block: Little monsters

If you could create a monster movie, what kind of monster would it be, and what would be the underlying moral of the story?

'Monster Manual"

Unusual creatures to mundane animals

And giant monsters of any type

Very large creatures like dragons and bigger

The Megalodon is a great white shark

Through the mist and rain goes the Beast of Gevaudan

A wolf – not a Lassie or Rin Tin Tin

In the cold, wet, damp conditions

Lives the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog

Creatures unknown to science like

the Giant Space Amoeba

Included are a few criptids -

Bigfoot, Yeti and La Chupacabra

Also monsters from other cultures

The Chiang-Shih, Preta, Rakshasa and Bhuta

Large, medium and small go the

 Con Rit, Kumo, Nure-Onna and Buso

Viscera Suckers, Abominations

Weird mad scientist creations

An upright guerilla, warm presence

Modly lurking in the distance

As big as a bear, but it wasn’t a bear

It had Neanderthal features

The next page, Deadly Oozes and Manticores

Noted under  the Asian Bestiaries


The existence of a beast

gives me an eerie feeling

A potentially dangerous creature…

A hostile one of these things

From the Velociraptor

to a Carnivorous Kangaroo

And Fantastic Creatures

 like Mothman and Kaiju

Eeek!  Hairy, scaly, gooey 

 Claws, teeth, tail

Enlarged red eyes

  9 to 10 feet tall


High five dude…

Real Talk (seriously)

Full injection turbocharge

See where the anomalies lie

Looks like a riddle

The meltdown is already under way

Launch a “swallow whole” attack

on Robots and Aliens

 Radioactive eyebeams

 and fiery breath

 High-powered Supernatural Foe

How you view yourself

Not a paranoid theory

They have abducted people

Therefore, Planetary Protection

It’s perfectly natural

We will  define the problem

 and build our own poison

And not be defeated by

 a Lion Bat Human Scorpion!





"Mary Jane Lane"

Should Mary Jane be legal?

Do you smoke it? Why? Why not?

The real problem with weed

It can lead to harder drugs

Affects your mood and health

And also your perspective

Addiction ruins lives

And social interaction

It is mind-altering

Some need it just to sleep

Also when they wake

And just before they eat

Friendly, mellow stoner

Can’t find any wrong

But your brain is your brain

You can’t get a new one

I hate the term, “Addictive

Personality,” but it’s true

It’s about not letting

The high get the best of you

A drug-induced psychosis

Or a functioning drug user

One friend of my can no longer

Talk sensibly, not ever

In a semi-useless state

Got baked before shopping

So I wanna say

Being illegal isn’t working

And you thought your pot

Was laced with LSD?

You just got REALLY stoned

Dude, you’re killing me!

It’s a moral choice

And you know the risks

The bad legal drugs

Are alcohol and cigs

Advocates say it’s harmless

…hard drugs I understand

They can kill you outright

Or cause mental health problems

Out of all of them

It’s the least damaging

But possessing  small amounts

Gets you legally branded

People who want to celebrate

In a different way

Should not have to resort

To criminal activity

Driving under the influence

Of anything more than mild

Habit-forming intoxicants

Why drive high?  It’s retarded

I don't begrudge people

Who toke up now and then

Decriminalizing use

And mild possession

Don’t shift responsibility

Away from the person

By blaming the drugs



What kind of craft would you design to travel through time and space? How would it work? What would it look like?

...a gondola

"Planetary Romance"

Imagine you are in a dimension  

and there is no time… 

While earth moved around the sun 

and two doves descended 

Seduced by an alien  

- Is it you? 

Gladiation, daring escapes 

Adventure story set in space 

Bonding between clones, fluid genders 

Different from real-life cultures 

Unrequited and taboo 

Disastrous results that follow 

In a world that is unreachable… 

a very different Superhero 


Superhero, master of dreams

Colorful adventure, large canvas

Heightened drama, strange horizons

Between this world and ours

Same edge, different slant

Exaggerated story, negative effect

 It’s not linear, there’s no time

Gravity is slowing down

Lost world separate from our own

A war across time, not love


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February 2012